You guys could probably never understand. I brought Sophia to life so I could learn about the human heart. Remember what I told you? All my life, I've never felt what other people call the heart...

hi there! welcome to my shrine for autism the one and only kuon ichinose! ever since i first got into p5s back in march 2022 or so, i've been totally obsessed with her and her autistic girl swagger. i like her in the way weird fandom moms and dudebros like maruki; she's my little girlflop, my blorbo even... well-handled autistic characters are so so rare even in this day & age and while she's not perfect, she means a whole lot to me. since my friends are probably tired of hearing me talk about her 24/7, i decided to create a little shrine to quarantine my thoughts in! i know it's a little 'cringe' to dedicate a shrine to some random ass persona spin-off villain, but my site my rules.