Oh, forgive me, I haven't even introduced myself. I'm Kuon Ichinose. I work as a researcher over at Toho University.

kuon ichinose is a major character in persona 5 strikers, a hack-and-slash RPG spin-off of persona 5. in her initial appearances, she is portrayed as eccentric, peppy, and passionate about the things that interest her. she assists the phantom thieves by analyzing junk parts found within the metaverse, giving 1-2 requests for every major dungeon. ichinose also created EMMA, an ai program similar to the likes of siri, before selling it off to madicce shortly before the game began. most of ichinose's appearances come in the form of phone calls with the phantom thieves, though she does appear in-person a handful of times throughout the game.

near the end of the game, ichinose is revealed as one of the primary antagonists of the game. umm i'll work on this later im fucking eepy