yep, you heard that right! famed neocities site p3p is getting remade & revamped. or well, most of it at least. most of the newer pages will likely be spared, but a solid 75% of the site is getting sent to the nightmare dimension. my bad.

p3p has remained in the back of my mind over the past few months as this thing of "man, i really need to start working on that shit again." but between school and work and The Horrors, i quite literally had bigger fish to fry. i also felt pretty burnt out in a way that prevented me from working on any sort of personal project, including this site.

however. the other day, as i was hunched over my work desk mindlessly typing numbers into a barely functioning computer, i thought to myself about various things of varying importance. and then, out of nowhere, i was suddenly hit with this random wave of motivation to work on this monsterous thing again. so, here we are! while i'm not exactly sure what all is going to be changed over the upcoming months, you can think of this as a "p3p 2.0" of sorts. hopefully, they'll be lots to look forward to!

a rough roadmap of sorts:
  • new landing page
  • home page + directories overhaul
  • new about page
  • new quotes page layout
  • self-shipping page
  • writing/articles page overhaul
  • summer diary page
  • new shrines
    • nintendogs shrine
    • ras (bandori) shrine
  • finishing older shrines (kiripan, splatoon, ichinose)
  • + more to be added!
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